Sunday, December 25, 2011

a bunnie christmas...

to you all
near and far

far and wide

and if wide
lay off the 'nog and cookies
will ya
there's not much room here anymore

may love and blessing
be yours


when the lady walked into the
on Christmas morning
she found the desk top bunch
all bunched up
on the desk top

 well where else would we be

little joe
as he shimmied up a needle
with what looked like
ball bearings  all in a row

umm what are you doing
asked the lady
decorating the joint
need some spirit around here
said the lady
is that why the pin cushion is on the candle stick
we made our own tree
nifty ain't she
now the lady has to explain something here
it has been a little while since we saw the
desktop bunch
they have grown up
just a tiny bit
little joe
seems to have turned into
what shall we call him
lady caught them watching old
gangster movies once on the
thing that knows all
little joe seems to thinks
one of them
so excuse his
rough edges
someone will smooth them out for him
if he
ain't careful
sniff sniff
know what I mean
the lady noticed that on the
thing that shows all
was a wonderful sight
the best sight of all
on a Christmas morning
that was
not so bright or cold and frosty
we can't have everything
now can we
what we did have
was the most wonderful
picture of all the bunnies
minus a few
over the Big Pond
with Auntie and her
English country Garden
they had somehow made contact and were
spending a little time together
while the
non bunnies were busy doing
non bunnies
what ever that is
so they were
telling stories
catching up
and having a wonderful visit
the lady
left them there to
enjoy each other's company

and as she left to leave
she heard one of them
she isn't sure who

ask about the
three ships
that had been seen
sailing by
christmas morn
christmas morn

three ships??
she asked

and the bunnies
and others
all stopped
 looked at each other
and she saw

'a look'
pass between them

you know
one of those
that say so much
and yet

what ships?
fu fu

we ain't seen no
stinkin' ships
around here
little joe
sliding down

ain't nuttin' to see here
no siree nuttin'
so you may as well keep goin'

so the lady gave
little joe
'a look'
of her own

dear readers
something caught her eye as she left
what can we call it


Monday, April 25, 2011

a new day....

little bunnie fu fu asked the lady
if she may have a picnic outside
in the outside
to welcome her new desktop companions
and show them what a lovely place they had come to

and the lady said
of course you may
and fu fu ran to where she knew the
were kept
 and gathered up a few chocolate eggs  too
she finally got to take her
flower blanket outside
sit on it

but instead of having
with her
she had her new friends
who loved the outside
and they all sat on the blanket
in the shade of the dogwood trees
and got to know one another
blue thought he should leave and do some work on his
broken down house
because it didn't look like the
down economy
was going to get up
any time soon

but little joe started with his
namesakes ways and climbed up the plants and flowers
and tried to run after a bee that showed up to see what was for lunch
but lily told him that he might be sorry if he did that
fu fu told him he really should behave on the first day of  a new friendship
or they may want to leave
but lily and emily
said they understood
that little joe was
and it was alright for him to
romp around
run hither and yon
gambol in the grass

and when little joe
saw the carrottss
placed on a leaf on the flower blanket
he hopped right over and helped himself
just like that
and dug in
had himself a nosh

so blue went back and sat on fu fu's lap
and when the lady left
they were all happily
this and that
and fu fu asked if she would come back and get them
if the big clouds
without the silver linings
 should come back
and the lady said
of course
and she left them there
on the flower blanket
getting to know one another and
that all was well now
and there would be no more
heartbreaks for
little bunnie fu fu
who had been through so much
in such a short time


Sunday, April 24, 2011

an end and a beginning

little bunnie fu fu
got up on
Easter Morning
and put on her new dress
that the lady had made for her

look how happy fu fu is
with her finely stitched dress
that has lace cap sleeves

and a beautiful picot edge

fu fu felt so much better when she was well dressed
and not hanging around in her strangely made knicker shorts
she is after all
a prim and proper little bunnie
and there is nothing like something new
to make a little bunnie feel good about things
she jumped up and down and squealed a little bunnie squeal
and thanked the lady profusely
for she is also a very polite little bunnie
after all that had happened in such a short time
fu had been feeling a little
all wrung out
but now things were looking up
and it felt

the lady had shown her all the things that had come in over the
machine that knows all
and the thing that shows all

there was a whole collage of all that had happened
on the other side of the
big pond
and it all looked so
as it should

Henri had finally
f i n a l l y
found his way back to
Auntie's Beautiful English Country Garden
and when he'd got off the bus
t h e r e
who had also managed to find his way back
the two cousins greeted each other with much relief and joy
and when they had hurried up to Aunties house
they found that she was in fact out
but there
waiting for them
was a little bunnie girl called
JOE's new little sister
what a surprise
she let them in and the cousins caught up on all the adventures they had had
over a good strong pot of
coffee is a good thing to talk over
they had much to talk about

the pictures showed Henri making himself at home
choosing his room for the night
the one with the beautiful old rocking chair
that made him feel like he was being rocked by the ocean
for a sailor never really truly gets back his land legs
not after being on so many adventures and quests
as our world travelling marine type
had been on
and when Auntie came home
she was so very
very very very
happy to see her
and meet his third cousin twice removed
she made them a big hedgehog chocolate cake
and in honour of Henri's nautical background
some pirate cakes
that he thought most appropriate
for a mariner
he could put one in his finely stitched duffel bag and it wouldn't get all sticky

Henri asked Auntie if she still had the goat he had seen in a photo he had found
while looking at her albums
and she said
no she didn't
goats who eat little girl's dresses aren't invited to stay
and then Auntie  told
that he was going to live with a new family
who would love him as much as she did
and she thought it would be good for
to grow up with a boy and learn all the things that boys and their toys learn
to be good and solid citizens of the world
and he and his new little sister
would live a happy ever after life
and have all the things they would ever ever need
she would miss him dreadfully
but it was best
best is always
fu fu looked at the lady and asked
is it really
is best always
and the lady said
yes fu fu
and his new little sister
will have a wonderful life
growing up with the children
and you won't have to worry about him anymore
he will be where he should be
and he will be loved for a long
long long
just as you will be

and then
the lady said
I have a little surprise for you
little bunnie fu fu
there are some new little members of the
desktop gang
who would very much like to come and stay with you
here on the desk top
and be with
little joe
and because you collected all those clouds with silver linings
they are such a happy bunch
alway smiling and sunny
very very very
just what you need types
would you like to meet them
little bunnie fu fu
said in her
quiet soft way


well let me introduce you to
the lamb
she is made from the softest of  merino wools
and will keep you company always

and let me introduce you to
who is made of the finest wool too
and she can't wait to get to know you and be your very
very very
best friend

and fu fu noticed
how well dressed Emily was
and that she had some very striking stockings and little tiny shoes on her rather big feet
but fu didn't say that she just thought it
for she is very polite and would never want to hurt some bunnies feelings
fu fu looked at the lady and asked
I won't be seeing
any more
and the lady said
not for  while
but maybe once in a while we'll get to see him and see how he's doing
but you have to know that he will be alright and safe
and the most important of all
he will be loved

and her new little friends put their little tiny lamb and bunnie arms around
and said
we'll be here with you and we'll all grow up and learn all the things we can
and when we see
he'll know that you are alright and happy and safe
most important of all
and fu fu knew that all would be well
would be well
Henri would be well
and on his way soon
to new adventures and quests
and he would send word
when he could
by the thing that knows all
magic shells
or carrier pigeon
one of his new travel agents

the birds who had carried him so far
to find his long lost
but now found and safe
third cousin twice removed
fu fu's bun across the big pond

although things had turned out for the
she would always think of him in the quiet times
and remember the first time she ever saw him

on the thing that knows all

and the thing that shows all

will any of us ever forget
I don't think so
: >  : > : >

au revoir my bun
whispered fu fu
till we see you again

 and fu fu returned to her new companions
and they sat on the flower carpet
and made plans for the future
a future full of
happy ever afters
and little joe
what does one have to do
to get some chocolate
because you know
it is
the day of
all things bunnie
more sweets than any
creature could ever
ever ever
and with that
they all climbed off the desktop
and went in search of

and the desktop gang
would like to wish
all fu fu fans
a very
Happy Easter

Happy Spring

Happy Happy



Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hello and Goodbye....

little bunnie fu fu waited to hear about
her bun across the big pond
she spent her time wisely
collecting clouds
but she made sure that she only collected the ones with silver linings
she had heard that
Auntie said it was a good thing to do
so she did it

she spent time with her friend
who was still hoping to fix up his house
but the news about the economy
wasn't getting any better
so fu fu suggested that maybe with help
they could do something
to help pass the time

but blue said he's rather sit and talk
about this and that
and wait a while longer
to see if the
got up
but fu just thought he was a little lazy
but she was too polite to say so
so she spent time with him
talking of
this and that

this and that
and the worry that he was lost for ever
fu fu would look at his image
on the thing that shows all
and sigh a little bunnie sigh
and the globe reminded her of JOE's second cousin twice removed
who was having his own problems
and she wondered where and how he was
the last news she had had was that
Henri was getting closer to
Beautiful English Country Garden
but that had been a while ago

the sun shone
she would sit and think about all that had happened
since she made her appearance on the desktop in the
for a tiny little bunnie she had gone through quite a lot
in a short time
but she wouldn't rest until
and Henri
 were safe and sound
and with Auntie

when she got back to the desktop
 the thing that shows all
little bunnie fu fu some
images that had come in
and there fu fu saw some strange looking things
she asked the thing that knows all
who are these strange things
please tell me that isn't
stuck under that bush thing in the water
I can't take much more of him getting lost and turned around

and when fu fu saw
there with the strange things
she knew they were not strange
at all
one little bit
 an iota
a dash
a dot
an itsy teeny tiny ......
well, you know

but helpful creatures
that would help
find his way back to

and she learnt that their names were
Fuzz and Wuzz
and they were very
very very
wise birds
who told
he needed to find a
machine that knows all
got on a bus and went to the only place he knew
that would have one

other than Aunties machine that knows all

the library
where Auntie had taken him a few times
there you can find all sorts of things that know
all sorts
they are called books
and librarians
and together
they can know anything you need to know
so on the bus he got
and as he passed a shop that had so many pretty flowers outside
he thought of
fu fu
and hoped that soon he would be able to tell her that
even though he was still a little lost and turned around
he was getting closer to being home
back in the
Beautiful English Country Garden
back with Auntie
how he missed her
even when she
came over all unnecessary

it was
not to be
wouldn't happen
shot down
the monkey would throw the wrench
you had to have an id, you had to have a password
you had to have things that
a bun doesn't have without his Auntie

so back he went to Fuzz and Wuzz
where he met a very handsome bear called
 to his friends
and told them it was a no go with the machine that knows all
what am I going to do now
 Fuzz said brightly ...I know what we can do.
We can pop over to the pom-pom project
and learn how to make a smart new tail for you,
ready for when you go back to Aunties
and to your new home.
 Oh yes, he said, cheering up at once, and  I'll make one for fu fu too
Of course you can Joe, there's plenty of wool for two

 had noticed that fu fu didn't have
a little cotton bunnie tail
and he would have to fix that

all fu fu noticed were the words
"and to your new home"......


Friday, April 22, 2011

the end of the line for Henri...

when Henri and the
fantastical creature
who had taken him across the
really big pond
after being tossed and turned in the
big storm
they landed by a beautiful
Swedish lake
Henri hoped that he could stay here an few days
and rest a bit

he found some strange but wonderful marine type vessels
 things that swirled and twirled
 down the
fast moving rapids
and he laughed and screamed as they spun around and around
and he got quite dizzy
so he got off

 with all the travelling he had done
he was quite
out of juice
all in
tapped out

so he found a quiet beach
and sat down to catch his breath
and then
he noticed that his
finely stitched duffel bag was moving
thinking that maybe a crab had crawled in
or some other marine type thing
he opened it
out of it
came his

magic shell
it was an old mariner's secret that only old mariner's knew about
shells are able to communicate
 and this one
Henri had had for many many years
as can be seen by the chipped edge
began to emerge
Henri knew that something
must be up
be amiss
not right
gone astray

in this big wide world was in trouble and needed his help

he held the shell up to his ear
and it whispered to him
had found a magic shell
among all the many many shells on the beach
and he needed help

that young buck needs to grow a little and settle down
and stop getting so lost
thought Henri
we do not get lost in our family
and the shell

how come we are here
when we should be there

and Henri put the shell back in his finely stitched duffel bag
and tied it up tightly

and went down to the lake to see if he could find help

another fantastical creature was sitting there looking very sleepy
but Henri said
Excuse moi mon ami
I need to get across the other sea
the one that leads to
the land of
Beautiful English Country Gardens
I made a promise
I have a quest and I must finish it

and the fantastical creature said
you mean
is that where you wish to go
oui said Henri
can you somehow help me find a way
if you need to go
I can take you
I met the others who brought you here
and they said you are a man of your word
and as a marine creature
I too hold the code
of help if you can
assist when possible
lend a hand
or in my case a wing
aid and abet
do you duty to your fellow creatures

hop aboard matey
let's go

and once again
climbed aboard the back of a
fantastical creature
up up
up into the air they went
over land and sea
hill and dale
hither and yon
until they landed

in the only place the
fantastical creature
the place of the two story buses and the tall tower
that made a big noise often
about every fifteen minutes or so
Henri looked at the clock and saw it was about to
make a
bruit terrible
so he hailed the first
two story bus that came along
hoping it would take him in the right direction

and because he was so small the driver let him on for
which was a
 very very
good thing
Henri didn't have any money
he would have to do something about that
at his first opportunity
hm mmm
he thought
I may have to settle down myself soon
and get a job
OH but I cannot think of these things now
I have to get to
Beautiful English Country Garden
and see what is wrong

and for once
 luck was on his side and he discovered that the bus was going in the right direction
so he settled back and looked out of the window
thinking of all that had happened to him
in what seemed like such a short time
of meeting JOE in the lane
hearing of the little bunnie across the big pond
who had stolen JOE's heart
over the machine that knows all
of seeing her on the thing that shows all
of finding her
on her desk top with her poppy and her friend the blue bird
who was having a hard time fixing up his house
what with the down economy and all
little joe
who had caused all this last trouble
by keeping Henri's little globe that had helped him get around and around this world sooo many times
and now here he was
on a bus
in the
Beautiful English Countryside
about to reach Auntie's house
and soon his quest would be over
his promise kept
his journey over
and he would have more
tall tales to tell
of this trip 
across the big pond
and back

and then the bus stopped
and he got off
and there was a familiar sight

he was at
Auntie's house
she lived across the street
so he
looked both way
and crossed the road