Sunday, April 24, 2011

an end and a beginning

little bunnie fu fu
got up on
Easter Morning
and put on her new dress
that the lady had made for her

look how happy fu fu is
with her finely stitched dress
that has lace cap sleeves

and a beautiful picot edge

fu fu felt so much better when she was well dressed
and not hanging around in her strangely made knicker shorts
she is after all
a prim and proper little bunnie
and there is nothing like something new
to make a little bunnie feel good about things
she jumped up and down and squealed a little bunnie squeal
and thanked the lady profusely
for she is also a very polite little bunnie
after all that had happened in such a short time
fu had been feeling a little
all wrung out
but now things were looking up
and it felt

the lady had shown her all the things that had come in over the
machine that knows all
and the thing that shows all

there was a whole collage of all that had happened
on the other side of the
big pond
and it all looked so
as it should

Henri had finally
f i n a l l y
found his way back to
Auntie's Beautiful English Country Garden
and when he'd got off the bus
t h e r e
who had also managed to find his way back
the two cousins greeted each other with much relief and joy
and when they had hurried up to Aunties house
they found that she was in fact out
but there
waiting for them
was a little bunnie girl called
JOE's new little sister
what a surprise
she let them in and the cousins caught up on all the adventures they had had
over a good strong pot of
coffee is a good thing to talk over
they had much to talk about

the pictures showed Henri making himself at home
choosing his room for the night
the one with the beautiful old rocking chair
that made him feel like he was being rocked by the ocean
for a sailor never really truly gets back his land legs
not after being on so many adventures and quests
as our world travelling marine type
had been on
and when Auntie came home
she was so very
very very very
happy to see her
and meet his third cousin twice removed
she made them a big hedgehog chocolate cake
and in honour of Henri's nautical background
some pirate cakes
that he thought most appropriate
for a mariner
he could put one in his finely stitched duffel bag and it wouldn't get all sticky

Henri asked Auntie if she still had the goat he had seen in a photo he had found
while looking at her albums
and she said
no she didn't
goats who eat little girl's dresses aren't invited to stay
and then Auntie  told
that he was going to live with a new family
who would love him as much as she did
and she thought it would be good for
to grow up with a boy and learn all the things that boys and their toys learn
to be good and solid citizens of the world
and he and his new little sister
would live a happy ever after life
and have all the things they would ever ever need
she would miss him dreadfully
but it was best
best is always
fu fu looked at the lady and asked
is it really
is best always
and the lady said
yes fu fu
and his new little sister
will have a wonderful life
growing up with the children
and you won't have to worry about him anymore
he will be where he should be
and he will be loved for a long
long long
just as you will be

and then
the lady said
I have a little surprise for you
little bunnie fu fu
there are some new little members of the
desktop gang
who would very much like to come and stay with you
here on the desk top
and be with
little joe
and because you collected all those clouds with silver linings
they are such a happy bunch
alway smiling and sunny
very very very
just what you need types
would you like to meet them
little bunnie fu fu
said in her
quiet soft way


well let me introduce you to
the lamb
she is made from the softest of  merino wools
and will keep you company always

and let me introduce you to
who is made of the finest wool too
and she can't wait to get to know you and be your very
very very
best friend

and fu fu noticed
how well dressed Emily was
and that she had some very striking stockings and little tiny shoes on her rather big feet
but fu didn't say that she just thought it
for she is very polite and would never want to hurt some bunnies feelings
fu fu looked at the lady and asked
I won't be seeing
any more
and the lady said
not for  while
but maybe once in a while we'll get to see him and see how he's doing
but you have to know that he will be alright and safe
and the most important of all
he will be loved

and her new little friends put their little tiny lamb and bunnie arms around
and said
we'll be here with you and we'll all grow up and learn all the things we can
and when we see
he'll know that you are alright and happy and safe
most important of all
and fu fu knew that all would be well
would be well
Henri would be well
and on his way soon
to new adventures and quests
and he would send word
when he could
by the thing that knows all
magic shells
or carrier pigeon
one of his new travel agents

the birds who had carried him so far
to find his long lost
but now found and safe
third cousin twice removed
fu fu's bun across the big pond

although things had turned out for the
she would always think of him in the quiet times
and remember the first time she ever saw him

on the thing that knows all

and the thing that shows all

will any of us ever forget
I don't think so
: >  : > : >

au revoir my bun
whispered fu fu
till we see you again

 and fu fu returned to her new companions
and they sat on the flower carpet
and made plans for the future
a future full of
happy ever afters
and little joe
what does one have to do
to get some chocolate
because you know
it is
the day of
all things bunnie
more sweets than any
creature could ever
ever ever
and with that
they all climbed off the desktop
and went in search of

and the desktop gang
would like to wish
all fu fu fans
a very
Happy Easter

Happy Spring

Happy Happy




MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

Happy Easter to you FuFu & your new little friend. The southern belle lady has enjoyed your adventures with you & Joe & Henri! She sure doesn't want it to end with Easter. What a surprise for Joe to come home a meet a new sister!
Happy Easter to all of you! Sending all my love to everyone in hoppy land!

Mrs Twins said...

Oh wow! What a great story! x

Valerie said...

a new sister ?!!
i'm surprised Auntie serves some coffee ! i thought there was nothing else to be seen in England than TEA ?! ;)
did they stay long enough for Kate&William's big day ?!!