Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hello and Goodbye....

little bunnie fu fu waited to hear about
her bun across the big pond
she spent her time wisely
collecting clouds
but she made sure that she only collected the ones with silver linings
she had heard that
Auntie said it was a good thing to do
so she did it

she spent time with her friend
who was still hoping to fix up his house
but the news about the economy
wasn't getting any better
so fu fu suggested that maybe with help
they could do something
to help pass the time

but blue said he's rather sit and talk
about this and that
and wait a while longer
to see if the
got up
but fu just thought he was a little lazy
but she was too polite to say so
so she spent time with him
talking of
this and that

this and that
and the worry that he was lost for ever
fu fu would look at his image
on the thing that shows all
and sigh a little bunnie sigh
and the globe reminded her of JOE's second cousin twice removed
who was having his own problems
and she wondered where and how he was
the last news she had had was that
Henri was getting closer to
Beautiful English Country Garden
but that had been a while ago

the sun shone
she would sit and think about all that had happened
since she made her appearance on the desktop in the
for a tiny little bunnie she had gone through quite a lot
in a short time
but she wouldn't rest until
and Henri
 were safe and sound
and with Auntie

when she got back to the desktop
 the thing that shows all
little bunnie fu fu some
images that had come in
and there fu fu saw some strange looking things
she asked the thing that knows all
who are these strange things
please tell me that isn't
stuck under that bush thing in the water
I can't take much more of him getting lost and turned around

and when fu fu saw
there with the strange things
she knew they were not strange
at all
one little bit
 an iota
a dash
a dot
an itsy teeny tiny ......
well, you know

but helpful creatures
that would help
find his way back to

and she learnt that their names were
Fuzz and Wuzz
and they were very
very very
wise birds
who told
he needed to find a
machine that knows all
got on a bus and went to the only place he knew
that would have one

other than Aunties machine that knows all

the library
where Auntie had taken him a few times
there you can find all sorts of things that know
all sorts
they are called books
and librarians
and together
they can know anything you need to know
so on the bus he got
and as he passed a shop that had so many pretty flowers outside
he thought of
fu fu
and hoped that soon he would be able to tell her that
even though he was still a little lost and turned around
he was getting closer to being home
back in the
Beautiful English Country Garden
back with Auntie
how he missed her
even when she
came over all unnecessary

it was
not to be
wouldn't happen
shot down
the monkey would throw the wrench
you had to have an id, you had to have a password
you had to have things that
a bun doesn't have without his Auntie

so back he went to Fuzz and Wuzz
where he met a very handsome bear called
 to his friends
and told them it was a no go with the machine that knows all
what am I going to do now
 Fuzz said brightly ...I know what we can do.
We can pop over to the pom-pom project
and learn how to make a smart new tail for you,
ready for when you go back to Aunties
and to your new home.
 Oh yes, he said, cheering up at once, and  I'll make one for fu fu too
Of course you can Joe, there's plenty of wool for two

 had noticed that fu fu didn't have
a little cotton bunnie tail
and he would have to fix that

all fu fu noticed were the words
"and to your new home"......


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