Monday, April 11, 2011

au revoir brave 'are...may the wind always be at your back.....

little bunnie fu fu was taking a shower
to clear her head and allow her a second or two

for it does not take long for a bunnie to get clean

to think without the prattle of the others

Henri went outside to check the weather
and found it calm... if not a bit late in the day
 to be embarking on a grand scheme
to go and
save a third cousin
twice removed
or maybe now thrice.

he stood by the tree where they had first found him
on that day soooo long ago
when he had  arrived with the ring of promise and tall tales
and news of fu fu's bun across the
big pond
 and it seemed so long ago and yet somehow it seemed just  like yesterday too
strange how time flies or it doesn't
thought Henri
as he made sure that he had his
medals and hurricane detecting button and all the chain an 'are may ever need

he went to check his paper bateau
that was still in dry dock and it was ship shape and fancy free
and ready to set sail again

he stopped to say adieu
to the very wise and old looking gentleman
who was still wondering about
and what
and where
that little creature was
whoo had stopped by the other day
and asked about
a big pond
Henri asked the very wise and old looking gentleman
if he would watch out for fu fu while he was gone
and the wise and old looking gentleman
who scared Henri a little bit too
replied that he didn't have time
to watch out for anyone or anything
he had too many
whoo's and what's and where's
to think about
and Henri said
well merci anyway mon ami tres vieil
I will leave you with this thought
turn around once in a while and look around you and see what there is to see
and you will have the answers to all those questions

and Henri went to say adieu to the
only lonely single solitary daff
and he asked if it would look out for fu fu
as he was having to leave on a grand voyage
 the only lonely single solitary daff
whispered that it would
for as long as it could
for as long as it was around
for soon it would be leaving on it's own journey
back to where the flowers go
and wait until the next
spring brings them back to shine in the sun
and bring such pleasure to those who see them
first thing in the morning
and Henri said thank you wise flower
I will take your beauty and wisdom with me wherever I go
and I hope to see you again
next time you come to shine in the sun
and he gave
the only lonely single solitary daff
 a little kiss
un petit  bisous

via con dios whispered the daff
and may the road rise up to meet you

 as Henri turned to leave
he thought
now that's what you know when you turn and look at all that is around you
you learn the correct things to say when the time comes
 to go

he went over to
the ever singing ducks still standing on the top of their post
and asked that they would  look out for fu fu
and they said they would
 if they could
see her
as they had been in this position for so long it was hard for them to look down
and would Henri join them
one more time
in a song of friendship and farewell
he raised his face up to the sky as theirs were
and they sang one more rousing song together

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight
So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu
Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu

and with nothing left to do
but go
Henri the 'are
hoisted his
finely stitched duffel bag on his back
put on
the elegant marine hat
with it's colourful band
that must hold all the colours of all the flags of all the world

picked up his paper bateau
and with a half turn towards those he was leaving
back on the desk top
in the

Henri the 'are
our sailor of many world voyages
who knew how to get himself
all ship shape and fancy free
and well
stepped into his
bateau de papier
adieu mes Ami's
à la prochaine fois
(until we meet again)

and he was last seen
floating his boat
on the
big pond
that wasn't
in fact



NillaK said...

I dont know how you do it, but you make me want to cry over that lonely, dying daff! :) And all those characters... Love it!

cathy said...

Yes almost makes me want to cry too! Poor Henri having to leave all bye himself, in his little boat. Hope he got some carrots before he left. Wonder if Joe has been found. Safe journey Henri!