Monday, April 18, 2011

a better day....

The day that fu fu saw
on the thing that shows all
was the happiest day of her
short tiny life

she wasn't sure who or what JOE was talking to
but it didn't matter
not one bit
not an iota
a crumb,a jot, an ounce, a smidgen, trace, or whit

she could see him
on the thing that shows all
and her little tiny
bunnie heart was jumping up and down
he seemed safe and well
if not a little hunched over from all that travelling

and then there was that big dreadful noise again
 a storm came
and it made it very difficult for fu fu to see outside
and it lasted a very long time

and fu worried and worried about
was he out in this raging storm
was he safe,
like JOE who was still unaccounted for... but visible,
or was he being tossed about in the wind and rain
would they have to make paper boats too
so they could sail down the rivers that were appearing in the

so she stood and looked a little longer
and wondered what had happened to
where JOE actually was
and wondered would she ever stop worrying about everybody
and would it ever stop raining
and making all that dreadful noise
out there
the outside

maybe she should get back to the desktop and see if there was anything to see
on the thing that showed all



1 comment:

cathy said...

Poor little FuFu she is so worried!