Friday, April 15, 2011

a brighter last...

with the news that Henri
was finally on his way in the right direction
thanks to all the wonderful humans
creatures who had been so much help
in getting this world traveller on his way
back to find his third cousin
twice removed

fu fu had
a little lie down
a nap
a snooze
a little shut eye
caught a few zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's
had herself a siesta

she was exhausted
just trying to keep up with all
wrong turns
buns gone missing
and now
the so called world traveller
travelling in the wrong direction
all because
little joe had kept the most important thing a world traveller needs
a sense of direction
and a gadget to use it with

when she got up to see what was what
she put on her new dress
and it made her feel so much better
she tidied the desktop a little
and it felt good to have some order again
she noted that her cloud
from whence she came
had gotten very small
well, it has been raining a lot she thought
maybe we should go outside and see if we can catch another
but before we do
let's just see what the
machine that knows all
knows now
and when she turned to look at the thing that shows all

she saw this.......

a silhouette of a very familiar shape

no one else would make that shape
and he seemed to be sitting on top of a..... 
a stream of water
a fireman's hose
a whale blowing water
a water main break
(which she hoped he hadn't caused)
a geyser

what are you doing now
and where are you doing it
 how will we ever find you

all of a sudden fu heard little joe yelling
look look look look
my namesake with a wild and frightening creature
it's going to eeeeeeee

and with a tiny little
little joe fell off the thing that shows all and landed on the keyboard
fu fu
who couldn't believe her eyes
put up with little joe's antics anymore

asked poppy to please keep
little joe under control for a while
she had too many things to deal with right now
and one tiny little trouble maker
was one thing too many
so poppy kept little joe under control

and when fu got back to the thing that shows all
there was yet another
picture of
this time with another even bigger and scarier
but her
didn't look like he was scared
not one little bit
she whispered to herself
what a brave bun you are
such a brave bun
but we still don't know where you are
but at least we can see you now
know that you are safe
and obviously making your way back
and so many are helping you
standing in front of the
in my strangely made knicker shorts must have helped

Oh I hope Henri gets there soon

I wonder where HE is
and what he's up to

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cathy said...

Poor Henri no telling where he is at. Little Joe there you go falling on the keyboard. Hopefully Henri will get himself straightened out and go the right direction! FuFu your new dress is so pretty!