Thursday, April 14, 2011

lost but not alone...

Henri continued with his not so tall tale
telling fu fu
 and little joe

who got a good talking to about having taken the globe
that Henri needed to find his way around
on his world travels
it was because little joe had hidden the globe that Henri was having so much trouble
finding his way and he was not pleased

the people who gave him this magnificent machine to use
had been so very kind and hospitable
the sweet Madam Cathy had cooked a meal
that gave him the strength to carry on with his quest
she had made a fine carrottss stew and a carrottss cake that made
Henri blow her kisses across the table
and when he bid them all adieu
she said he was to come back anytime he pleased
and he said he would
if he could ever find his way back

so on that magnificent machine didn't take him long
 to find the land of sugar
it seemed that in this part of the world everyone was called
sugar......see that sign there that says so
he met the sweet and funny  Madam Ellen and spent time with her on this fabulous porch
sipping carrottss juleps
hearing all the tall tales of the south

and eating the mighty fine carrottss gumbo
that once again gave him the strength to carry on
Ellen explained that now he was so far south he needed to turn left
and go that way to find the
big pond that would take him back to
Auntie's Garden
so with happy memories of the kind and generous people he had met
turned left and travelled until he ran out of land

along the way he met some very beautiful creatures
  who told him if he needed more help
he should find
and the beautiful Miss Kim
who lived in a pretty yellow cottage and she would help him continue on his quest
and no doubt feed him something delicious on her porch too

they asked him what he was doing here among them and he told them of his great adventure
trying to get back across the big pond

and the swan who couldn't believe that such a world traveller had gotten himself so turned around
Dude, maybe it's time you get yourself a

then you'll know that it is
that way
that you should go

so Henri looked around and found a boat that he thought was fine enough to take him back

and with one last glance at where he should be going
and thinking about all the wonderful people who had helped him get this far
without his little blue globe

climbed into the boat


cathy said...

At least we know Henri is getting food in his little bunny tummy. Carrot juice, carrot stew, carrot cake YUM!!!! Hope Little Joe is doing better, and poor FuFu she must be so worried!

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

Me & Henri had a very nice visit. He loved my stories of how we here in the south enjoy our big parties on the bayou. He so enjoyed my gumbo too! I even packed him some sugar treats in his little napsack to take alone with him. I wished him well & hoped he can make it back to Auntie's Garden in no time :')