Thursday, April 14, 2011

a problem and a change of plan...

when last we left the
we had just found out that
little joe
had kept
Henri's navigating gadget

he told
 fu fu
that he had thought he could follow
Henri on it as the
traveller traveled
across the globe
on his way back
to Auntie's Beautiful English Country Garden
to find
his namesake
and no amount of explaining made
little joe understand the magnitude of his silliness

but how am I to know these things
said little joe
I am much too small to make the machine that knows all
tell me anything
no amount of me jumping up and down on the desk top makes the
machine show me anything
I am too small

well, you should have asked first
before you took something that is not yours
we would have explained it all to you
because the machine is not the only thing that knows
what is right and what is wrong
taking that which is not yours

fu fu read the note that Henri had left for her
and she knew that no matter what
Henri would keep his promise
and stay on his quest
but he would need a lot of help
to find his way back
across the big pond
to where
her slightly off course bun was
she looked at the image of
and his globe
and wondered what it was with male bunnies and 'ares


as she was wondering
the machine that sits on the desk top and hums
suddenly hummed a little louder
fu fu is so finely tuned in to its hums
she asked what it had found
and the thing that shows all
showed her


 somewhere up a mountain
a mountian that is blue and very ridgey

he was not on 
an ocean
a sea
or even a big pond
he was up
when he should have been down
he was here
instead of there

and then it showed him next to this
a beautiful wonderful

a message came in and it said
"'ello fu fu mon p'tite
I hope this finds you well
I am, how to say, superb
 and having a wonderful time
it is sooo verrry verrry beautiful here
where ever it is that I am
I have a funny tale to tell
it is not too tall so I will begin....
when I climbed into my bateau
and left you there so distraught and upset
I headed out over the big pond
that is not so big after all
a very strange and wonderful thing happened
a goose and his family were flying overhead
and they asked where I was going
 I told them
over the big pond to find my
third cousin, twice removed who was lost
and they asked if they could help and when I said oui...merci beaucoup...that would be very nice of you
the biggest goose swooped down and caught me in his beak and flew away with me
and my boat was carried by the second goose
and the third carried my bag
and the smallest
my fine hat with the colourful band
and they flew me here
to the top of these mountains
that are so blue and ridgey
 they could not hear me shouting
non non the other way
the other way to this way
and when I asked themif this was close to
Aunties English Country Garden
they said
don't know
whose Auntie?
I tried to explain but they were in a hurry to get to where they were going
and so I was left up here
wherever it is I am
I gathered up my things and started to walk
hoping I would see someone who could help me
but instead I found

 a magnificent machine
that I can use to find my way
as soon as I can get my globe out
to plot the course
to Auntie


all that was heard in
was a
 teeny tiny little itsy bitsy


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cathy said...

Henri oh poor Henri, I think you are taking the long way arround to find Joe, your third cousin twice removed. We all have faith you will fine Joe! Safe journey Henri!