Thursday, April 14, 2011

a tres grand malheur....

....(a big huge enormous misfortune)

also known as

when little bunnie fu fu
got back to the
she found little joe
playing in the cloud from whence she came
or she thought he was playing

he had a rather smug, but guilty look on his little face
fu fu wondered what he had been up to
for like his namesake across the big pond
little joe could cause some things to happen
that he didn't always mean to happen
but happened anyway

as she got closer to the desk top
the cloud moved a little bit
and there

Henri's globe
the globe he used to find his way
the only thing he had to find his way
for he had no maps to find his way 
no compass to point the way
no star thing to plot a course at night when he couldn't see the way
and now
he had no globe

because a certain
tiny little bunnie
had taken it and kept it hidden
and Henri
had left
without it

he had packed his things in his finely stitched
duffel bag
put on the elegant marine hat
with it's colourful band
that must hold all the colours of all the flags of all the world

climbed in to his boat
au revoir

and he didn't know
that he didn't have
his globe




MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

OH NO! Henry! He will be lost as well looking for Joe! Maybe the stars will help him and guide him during his night travels. Shame on tiny little bunnie for taking. I know FuFu will be upset when she finds out.

cathy said...

Little Joe you were naughty. You took Henri's globe, he needs the glode to show him which way to go. On no now what will Henri do, how will he find his way!