Wednesday, April 13, 2011

what next

little bunnie fu fu
got herself dressed

and climbed down off the desktop

there was no point sitting around feeling sorry for herself
she thought 
 nothing is done if you just sit

so she decided to go out and see what she could do

the news of
was a mystery she had to solve
and solve it she would
even though she was far away
and on the wrong side of the
big pond

she went and asked the
ever singing ducks
still up there on their post

ever singing ducks
do you know anything about the whereabouts of
she asked them
no, fu fu we don't
 been asking all the birds that fly over us if they have any news
and so far
they don't
Henri stopped to say goodbye to us
and asked that we watch out for you
could you stand where we can watch you
as a promise was made
and a promise we will keep

fu fu and blue
looked all over the garden to see if they could find anyone who would know
but being on the wrong side of the
big pond was making everything very difficult
news travels slowly when you don't have the
machine that knows all
to aid you

they went and sat outside blue's rather
sad looking house and talked about what they could do
to help Auntie M find
the wandering bun

fu fu ran and climbed up the rusty old chain
to see if she could see
but it was too far too see across

so she sat at the top of the stairs
in the sun
and thought and thought
she had asked the
whole wide world
to help
and she wondered
if it could
if anyone would
she had asked for help
standing there in front of the whole wide world
in her strangely made knicker shorts
but so far
no news
not word one

he must be really really lost
she thought to herself
or he would have sent word
wouldn't he?


1 comment:

cathy said...

You did look so pitiful FuFu in your little knicker shorts. I almost could have cried. Your so lonely, Joe just has to be found!
(and you let the whole world see you in your knicker shorts)