Friday, April 22, 2011

the end of the line for Henri...

when Henri and the
fantastical creature
who had taken him across the
really big pond
after being tossed and turned in the
big storm
they landed by a beautiful
Swedish lake
Henri hoped that he could stay here an few days
and rest a bit

he found some strange but wonderful marine type vessels
 things that swirled and twirled
 down the
fast moving rapids
and he laughed and screamed as they spun around and around
and he got quite dizzy
so he got off

 with all the travelling he had done
he was quite
out of juice
all in
tapped out

so he found a quiet beach
and sat down to catch his breath
and then
he noticed that his
finely stitched duffel bag was moving
thinking that maybe a crab had crawled in
or some other marine type thing
he opened it
out of it
came his

magic shell
it was an old mariner's secret that only old mariner's knew about
shells are able to communicate
 and this one
Henri had had for many many years
as can be seen by the chipped edge
began to emerge
Henri knew that something
must be up
be amiss
not right
gone astray

in this big wide world was in trouble and needed his help

he held the shell up to his ear
and it whispered to him
had found a magic shell
among all the many many shells on the beach
and he needed help

that young buck needs to grow a little and settle down
and stop getting so lost
thought Henri
we do not get lost in our family
and the shell

how come we are here
when we should be there

and Henri put the shell back in his finely stitched duffel bag
and tied it up tightly

and went down to the lake to see if he could find help

another fantastical creature was sitting there looking very sleepy
but Henri said
Excuse moi mon ami
I need to get across the other sea
the one that leads to
the land of
Beautiful English Country Gardens
I made a promise
I have a quest and I must finish it

and the fantastical creature said
you mean
is that where you wish to go
oui said Henri
can you somehow help me find a way
if you need to go
I can take you
I met the others who brought you here
and they said you are a man of your word
and as a marine creature
I too hold the code
of help if you can
assist when possible
lend a hand
or in my case a wing
aid and abet
do you duty to your fellow creatures

hop aboard matey
let's go

and once again
climbed aboard the back of a
fantastical creature
up up
up into the air they went
over land and sea
hill and dale
hither and yon
until they landed

in the only place the
fantastical creature
the place of the two story buses and the tall tower
that made a big noise often
about every fifteen minutes or so
Henri looked at the clock and saw it was about to
make a
bruit terrible
so he hailed the first
two story bus that came along
hoping it would take him in the right direction

and because he was so small the driver let him on for
which was a
 very very
good thing
Henri didn't have any money
he would have to do something about that
at his first opportunity
hm mmm
he thought
I may have to settle down myself soon
and get a job
OH but I cannot think of these things now
I have to get to
Beautiful English Country Garden
and see what is wrong

and for once
 luck was on his side and he discovered that the bus was going in the right direction
so he settled back and looked out of the window
thinking of all that had happened to him
in what seemed like such a short time
of meeting JOE in the lane
hearing of the little bunnie across the big pond
who had stolen JOE's heart
over the machine that knows all
of seeing her on the thing that shows all
of finding her
on her desk top with her poppy and her friend the blue bird
who was having a hard time fixing up his house
what with the down economy and all
little joe
who had caused all this last trouble
by keeping Henri's little globe that had helped him get around and around this world sooo many times
and now here he was
on a bus
in the
Beautiful English Countryside
about to reach Auntie's house
and soon his quest would be over
his promise kept
his journey over
and he would have more
tall tales to tell
of this trip 
across the big pond
and back

and then the bus stopped
and he got off
and there was a familiar sight

he was at
Auntie's house
she lived across the street
so he
looked both way
and crossed the road


Valeria said...

haha some story´s he will have to tell his grandchildren :)
he really should drop over to norway to see us

joe said...

Thank you so much for coming Henri!

Valerie said...

it reminds me of a certain Nils ! too bad Henri has left the Swedish lake already, we could have met since I've just booked for this destination this summer ;)
but at least i'm glad he hooped on the right doubledecker !!