Wednesday, April 6, 2011

goodnight JOE

after little bunnie fu fu had had such a busy day
working on her
flower carpet,
where she hoped one day to sit and while away the hours with
her bun across the big pond,
she asked the machine that knows and shows all
if she may see
just one more time before she went to sleep

so the machine that knows all
found the pictures of
and bunnie fu fu
got up close
rather like
was doing with the round thing
and she asked the lady what
on earth
he was doing
and the lady told him he was trying to find out how far away they were from each other
but the lady was worried that
would get very lost, if he didn't realise that we weren't in the southern hemisphere
and fu fu asked what that meant
and it was explained that fu fu lived on the top of the world,
as did JOE
and people in... oh let's say.... Australia
lived down under
they were the ones who were upside down
not us
oh dear said fu
AuntieM will explain it all to him I am sure
is so brave, if a little off course, to think about coming to be with me
but I wonder if he ever will at this rate....

and then she saw the big  boo-kay of flowers
 had gathered from
Beautiful English Country Garden
and it melted her little tiny bunnie heart
because big strong brave bunnies like
must have courage to be seen with such pretty things
and on the

and then she saw in yet another picture
the carrottss that
said he had picked
because he didn't get the flower thing
(like all males of any kind don't)
but because they were soooo very far apart
he would eat fu fu's carrott for her
 he is generous like that
hm mm thought fu to herself
wonder what it is with the males
not sharing carrottss with me
the man here made carrott juice right in front of me the other day
and didn't even offer me a sip
what's a bunnie to do

and with the pictures of
in her little bunnie brain
and all her friends around her
on the flower carpet
she lay down
and slept the sleep
of a happy bunnie
knowing that tomorrow would bring more
exciting adventures
so they slept

bunnie sleeping



joe said...

Oh don't worry Fu - I don't think Auntie's very clear about Southern and Northern hemispheres either... once I get this bandage off, I'm going nuclear - I'm using this enforced quiet time to research ROCKETS!!!

joe said...

.. lovely pics by the way - thanks for showing my 'good' side!

joe said...

... I can't understand what it is with men and their carrotss either - that Peter Rabbit wasn't very friendly was he!