Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a very busy bunnie

little bunnie fu fu lay in the wild violet patch and thought
many  lots of  numerous
she lay there until an idea came into her
little fuzzy cloudy bunnie brain

and she ran
as fast as her little bunnie legs could go
and climbed up the big stairs
back into the house
but she didn't fall down
like JOE
she whispered to herself that she hoped
was alright
and that
was looking after him
but then she thought
of course she is
AuntieM would never let anything happen to her

on her way to the big stairs
fu fu stopped and caught a little cloud to take with her
because as we know
her cloud was getting very small
and she was getting a little worried that she may not have enough left

and with the cloud safely in her little bunnie paws
she ran back to the 
and there she spied a very very big book
filled with all sorts of flowers

so with the help of the lady
she climbed up onto the desk top
where the machine that knows all was humming away
ready to help
little bunnie fu fu
with whatever she might need

but all fu fu needed was the sight of
busy with his own ideas
and fu fu
in a little tiny
bunnie kind of whirlwind
began to bring her idea

fu fu's new friend and companion
had flown in some little violets to keep fu fu company
he had to get back to his
house fix-it-ing
but he wanted to let fu fu know he was thinking of her
that's what friends do
they help each other and support in any way they can
so with her little magic sticks and a few left over pieces of yarn
that the lady said she may have
fu fu sat on the desk top
and worked her little bunnie paws to a frazzle
and when she was finished
blue came back to see what she had done

and found her sitting there
on the desktop
on a field of flowers
little joe
her poppy
and the cloud
that had grown quite a bit
and they rested
until fu fu had caught her breath
enough to tell
that she had made a flower field
for them to all sit on
that if and when
ever made it
over the
big pond
they could spend their days
on this little
magic flower carpet

so the five of them
fu fu
little joe
the poppy
and the
ever growing cloud
sat and waited



eddunsmore said...

So sweet Marilyn her little arms and the cloud. What a great story.
You are a natural with stories.

madhu said...

Have you considered writing children's story books!!!!

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

Just adorable...can't wait til the next entry. LoVe the flower blanket she made!

joe said...

Gosh Fu, you have been busy with all that blog tidying, and magic blanket making! I think we're going to need a bit of magic!
Yes, Aunt M is looking after me thank you... in her own strange way!