Monday, April 25, 2011

a new day....

little bunnie fu fu asked the lady
if she may have a picnic outside
in the outside
to welcome her new desktop companions
and show them what a lovely place they had come to

and the lady said
of course you may
and fu fu ran to where she knew the
were kept
 and gathered up a few chocolate eggs  too
she finally got to take her
flower blanket outside
sit on it

but instead of having
with her
she had her new friends
who loved the outside
and they all sat on the blanket
in the shade of the dogwood trees
and got to know one another
blue thought he should leave and do some work on his
broken down house
because it didn't look like the
down economy
was going to get up
any time soon

but little joe started with his
namesakes ways and climbed up the plants and flowers
and tried to run after a bee that showed up to see what was for lunch
but lily told him that he might be sorry if he did that
fu fu told him he really should behave on the first day of  a new friendship
or they may want to leave
but lily and emily
said they understood
that little joe was
and it was alright for him to
romp around
run hither and yon
gambol in the grass

and when little joe
saw the carrottss
placed on a leaf on the flower blanket
he hopped right over and helped himself
just like that
and dug in
had himself a nosh

so blue went back and sat on fu fu's lap
and when the lady left
they were all happily
this and that
and fu fu asked if she would come back and get them
if the big clouds
without the silver linings
 should come back
and the lady said
of course
and she left them there
on the flower blanket
getting to know one another and
that all was well now
and there would be no more
heartbreaks for
little bunnie fu fu
who had been through so much
in such a short time



cathy said...

Couldn't get on FuFu's blog yesterday, had me worried. Mia was worried too! Glad to see you had a lovely picnic. What a pretty little family you have FuFu!

Valerie said...

hehe my daighter when she was 3 or 4 was like little Joe and would jump on any fave food that were on any table before i had time to say : wait until you've been invited !!
thid picnic time made my evening... i think L & I should have one before we leave to ireland... if weather permitted

Valerie said...


i love the bunny wisdom words on the right column. i really do !

Mrs Twins said...

Wonderful photos! xx