Sunday, April 10, 2011

the promise

when last we saw the friends
little bunnie fu fu had just found something in the pile of
that Henri
 with a quick flick of his wrist
had laid out on the desktop
did you see it fu fu fans?

there next to the little globe
when fu fu had spied it
and when she saw it her little bunnie eyes got misty
Henri laid it out on a beautiful gold and silver flower
that a princess had given him
when he had to leave her in the high mountains of a country he had forgotten the name of
because remember
he has travelled the world
many times
and he can't always remember where he has been
he told fu that
JOE had found the little blue pearl on the beach
and had made it into a ring for
he gave it to Henri and asked that Henri tell fu fu it was his promise to her
that no matter how long it takes
no matter what he has to do
he will one day find her
and come to her

no matter how long it took him
and you know that when a bunnie makes a
he keeps it

fu fu put it on her little paw
and admired the fine craftsmanship
such a clever bun he was to make her this
breathtakingly beautiful ring
and she sighed her little bunnie sigh
one day
she thought to herself
one day my ....bun will come and be with me


and there is this too
said Henri the 'are
he sent you this as well
a collection of jewels
he bought in the pound shop
but fu fu... I think he paid much more than a
I hope JOE hasn't done something he'll regret
I hope he didn't borrow money from those shifty looking badgers I saw
hanging around
Auntie Mia's
Beautiful English Country Garden

there was a deep silence that fell on the desktop
a question
of how had JOE bought these jewels
hung in the air
and fu fu shivered
what did he do
oh dear all this talking has made me quite hungry
said Henri
OH I'm so sorry said fu
please let's go and have another carrottss on the table top
come on little joe
and this time please behave yourself and don't cause  me to
come over all unnecessary again
ha ha said Henri
that is what JOE said Auntie Mia does when he acts up
ha ha
I know JOE told me and it is obvious that this little name sake needs that sort of thing too

although I am not exactly precisely sure of what one does
to come over all unnecessary but it must be something
 wise and useful
because it works

so little joe sat in fu fu's lap and tried as hard as he could to behave
and they sat and had another

and they wondered what they could do and started to make plans to go outside and maybe have a
picnic, of course when it stopped raining
and the little group of friends sat and got to know one another a little better
when all of a sudden
fu fu noticed that she could hear the humming
of the machine that sits on the desk top
 in the
 getting louder and louder
and because
fu fu is so finely tuned to the humming
she detected a rather urgent and important
one that made her interrupt
and we all know how very polite
little bunnie fu fu is
so it must have been something very very
for her to have done that
don't you think....
I hope all is well
I hope something isn't
over the big pond
JOE is



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