Saturday, April 9, 2011

the whys and hows.....

so finally
all the mess was cleared away and put back
all ship shape
and as it should be

fu fu spied the little treasure
that Henri had brought
all those many many miles
across the big pond
(but we will deal with that in a while)

and they settled down once again
having put little joe in the corner
for having caused so much
the why

Henri said that he had just happened to be in the neighbourhood
of the
Beautiful English Country Garden
where JOE is living with
Auntie Mia
and he had heard a mighty crash and the tinkling of broken pottery

and fu fu said yes she had seen that event herself
on the thing that shows all
and she hoped that JOE had been forgiven for breaking such a beautiful jug

yes yes fu fu
he is forgiven and Auntie has another one

so, if I may continue
I was in the Beautiful Country Lane
when out of the bushes ran JOE
very upset and totally
peesed off with all that was happening
he is a bunny who likes to be in control  but being still very young
as you know, it is difficult sometimes to behave as one should
and they both glanced at another certain little namesake

so when I saw JOE I hopped over to him and introduced myself
as his third cousin twice removed
and he say
how you doin'
and what are you doing here
outside Auntie's BECG

JOE had a lingo all his own
he had picked it up in the hedgerows and byways
when he snuck out once in a while
when Auntie was busy with other things
like collecting flowers and carrottss
for him to show
fu fu

his little bun across the big pond
JOE asked suddenly
what exactly IS this big pond I keep hearing about

It is a mighty body of water JOE, Mon cousin,
if you have a globe I could show you
because as you know I am a very well travelled mariner type of
and I can show you

after Henri had explained what a globe is
JOE invited Henri to follow him back to the house in the
and he found a round thing in Auntie's wardrobe
where he also roamed about in when she wasn't looking
and got it out and put it on the table
as we know
it was upside down and that didn't help
one bit to find where his bunnie was

haw haw haw
you silly rabbit
that is no way to find her
it looks as though I will have to go
as you are still in trouble and have been grounded as they say these days

though, why that should bother types like us who have been known to actually
in the ground
but we are getting off track here
I was on my way to try to find a passage on a seafaring vessel
 to the land on the other side of
this big pond as you call it
I have a business deal I have to attend to
so I can, if you would like,
 Mon cousin, to take a message to this young bun you have lost your
heart to.
I will carry anything you like to her
and tell her about you and my trip
for it will entail a long voyage
of many many days
or hours
or minutes
I am not sure
it depends on how I go

WELL, you go as quick as you can
as we say
quick as a bunnie
 you are of a different sort are you not
you do not look exactly like me
NO...I am not
I am a 'are
YOU are a bunnie
we are similar but I am stronger and faster
which is why I should go
plus I know which way is up
and you obviously don't
so it will be quicker
You, my young buck, need to stay here a little while longer
and learn what you need to know to make it out there in the world
and Auntie is the one to teach you

I know said JOE  I do try to be good and listen to her but sometimes
she just comes over all unnecessary
and it just makes me want to run away

you must not do that
it is a big and dangerous world out there
you must stay here and learn a craft or two
like making rope to climb with

or sewing fine gloves for Auntie to wear when she works in the bushes
or even
carpentry a tres  fin and honorable craft,
as I see the job she did on that chair
well....let's just say it could be improved on a little...
and I say that with all due respect
so, the cousins sat on the chair on the chair
and discussed the plan
Henri did not go into all the fine details so a not to bore fu fu
who was hanging on to every word
and imagining in her little bunnie brain what it would be like to sit in the chair on the chair
with her bun across the big pond

so when the plans had been made
Henri read the sky
the way all world travelling sea faring mariner types can
and said it was time for him to leave
and besides
they could hear Auntie was back from wherever it was she went
and they didn't think she would approve of this little meeting taking place behind her back
or her front for that matter

so Henri made his way to South Hampton
and when he got there
he looked up the
Owl and the Pussycat Transatlantic shipping Co
because he likes the pea green boats they have
he thinks they match his mariner's overalls well
and he sailed across the Channel to France
where he stopped by to see
Madam Valerie and her beautiful daughter L
who allowed him to sleep in their beautiful French Country Garden for the night

and the next morning he went down to the beach and unfolded his paper boat
and set sail
travelling north by north west

and when he had landed on Iceland
the land that has no ice
just beautiful wide open spaces and waterfalls
he stopped someone and asked if they knew where
the Lovely Viking Princess Svana was
and he was told that sadly Princess Svana had left for the land further north and to the right a bit
so Henri decided that next time he was in these parts he would find her
but he had business to attend to
and a little bunnie to find



Valeria said...

oh no he just missed me por guy ,i would have liked to meet him but oh well im sure he will stopp by here in Norway next time he is traveling :))

Valerie said...

next time I'll sure make it with henri to Iceland !!! but he didn't tell me where he was going next !