Saturday, April 9, 2011

tales continue...

when we last saw the friends
for that is what they are now
JOE's third cousin, twice removed
had woken from his much needed nap
had had a tall glass of carrottss juice
and was about to tell the tale that had brought him here to fu fu's desktop
at the edge of the
big pond

he had come to bring fu fu something
that would help with some other news he had
so before he told her
he would like to show her
what was in his
seafarer's duffel bag
that fu fu and little joe had been looking at with much anticipation

fu asked him where he had found such a finely stitched bag as this
and Henri told her he had been given it by an old mariner a very long time ago, last Friday
and inside were the treasures that Henri had collected as he sailed around the world

and with a quick flick of his wrist
the bag was opened and out poured the treasures

fu fu saw things she has never seen before
even on the thing that sits on the desktop and shows all
she saw fine silver and gold
Henri pointed out the leaves from the Emerald Forest that he had picked up
and pearls and gems and shells that he found along the shorelines of far away exotic places
fine Chinese pottery
a piece of Tibetan silver given to him by the Dali Llama himself
who had taught Henri the best attitude to have nowadays
that...stuff happens and one must just get on with it
a fine way to live when things go wrong and you just can't handle all the mishaps in life
fu knew that as having a
stiff upper lip

and as Henri stepped back
fu fu and little joe got up close and personal
as is their way
and looked at all this treasure laid out before them
fu saw a piece of cork
that Henri said helps him float his boat, when things get a little too soggy
and she saw a tiny silver cup
that Henri said helps him bail out the boat when things get a little wet in there
and fu wondered, to herself of course, for she was far too polite to say it out loud
how on earth Henri got anywhere
in an obviously
not very fit  for world travelling
sea unworthy
but he was here, so he obviously knew more than she

sitting on the fine silver cup was a tiny little globe
right side up
and Henri told her this is what he uses to find his way around
this rather large planet we all live on
he hasn't had time to attach a
GPS to the boat
so this is what he makes do with

very zen of him thought fu

and the next thing she knows
little joe  has started up with his namesakes way
and knocked the little
 very important
direction finder off the cup and it rolled into the middle of the treasure
and knocked it all for six
but in doing so
it revealed something that they hadn't noticed

can you see it
fu fu fans

near the fine silver cup
and the cork that floats Henri's boat
when things get a little too soggy
can you
it's quite small
so you may have to use the magic button that make all things large on the thing that shows all
and you will see

fu fu has to clean up a little and they'll be right back

little bunnie promise


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