Saturday, April 9, 2011

tall (ish) tales

while Henri, JOE's third cousin twice removed slept the sleep of a world travelling mariner
always alert and ram rod straight, so as not to take up too much room
on a ship or the desktop

fu fu busied herself with gathering clouds
especially the clouds that have silver linings
she is a great believer in
silver linings

she is not one to just sit and stare
well, not for too long
so she sorted out her things and tidied up a little
and made plans to make something a little later

while Henri was sound asleep
the friends took the chance to sneak a peek at all the things on Henri's sailor suit
they saw his medal and a strange looking nautical something
that looked like a hurricane or maybe a star to navigate by
and a snowflake made of the finest silver
two mittens to keep his paws warm
when the winds blew cold
as he sails the angry seas

and they admired his finely stitched bag
and wondered what it held
because when little joe had climbed inside it,
 it was so full of things he couldn't make out what was what
and the elegant marine  hat
with it's colourful band
that must hold all the colours of all the flags of all the world

for Henri was a world traveling 'are to be sure

 after a while fu fu brought Henri
a tall (ish) glass of carrottss juice
and he drank it down in almost one gulp
not very mannerly
though fu to herself
but Henri must have been very thirsty after his long and complicated voyage
over the big pond

at last Henri got up and they sat in front of the big window that looks out over the
and Henri showed fu the light house that had guided him in
on that cold and stormy night

and he said it was a good thing it hadn't been so.....
 when he arrived

fu fu told him it was a good place to ride bikes and have picnics
and that she had plans for one soon

but only after
Henri had told her the tale
that had brought him here
to the shores
of the big pond
I will begin


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