Friday, April 8, 2011

the tale begins...sort of

little bunnie fu fu invited Henri to sit at the kitchen table
so that they may talk and get to know one another
well, they had to actually sit
the kitchen table
because even though Henri was a tall (ish) dark stranger
they would not have been able to see each other had they sat on the too big chairs

fu fu got them each a carrottss
as she now knew where they were kept
having spied the man with the machine that makes a big noise as it squeezes juice out of them
made a note of it and with blue's help she got them one each and while little joe gnawed away at hers
 they all sat and chatted

all the chit-chatting got to much for
little joe
and just like his namesake
he started hopping and running around
and jumped into Henri's mariner hat
and yelled
Ahoy mates...
lets batten down our hatches and get all ship!!!
and blue bent down and whispered
little joe that's not polite
Henri has to wear that fine and handsome hat
but Henri laughed and said
OH that is so like JOE
so let the little one be
it is OK

little joe then ran and climbed into Henri's bag
and tried to see what was in this strange new thing
but it was too dark and cramped in there

so he climbed up into the exotic lamp
that sat on the table
and made pretty shadows on fu fu's face
and fu fu
little joe
get down from there
before you do yourself a mischief

and wouldn't you know it
little joe
took a tumble
right out of the lamp
onto the poppy

and fell
head over paws

face down onto the daffodil coloured mat

little bunnie fu fu was mortified that such bad behaviour was taking place
 here in front of this tall dark stranger
and she grabbed little joe and put him under her little arm
I do apologiseHenri
 but sometimes little joe just gets too excited and I am going to have to teach him manners

Henri laughed a mighty (ish) laugh and said
haw haw haw
 ma Chere fu fu
he is so much like his namesake
let meee tell you
but maybe now is not the time for long stories
maybe I will save my carrottss that you have so politely offered me, for later
and maybe I will take a little nap
if I may
he added quickly
for he had noticed how very polite
prim and proper
this little bunnie was
and he didn't want to be grabbed and stuffed under her arm like little joe had been

maybe after a nap I can tell you of
your bun across the even bigger pond than the one I have just crossed
a tout alheure
and with that he climbed off the table

he found his way to the desk top and laid his heavy bag down and placed his mariners hat upon it

and in the way that all world travelling sea faring types
 like Henri
he folded his boat,
(for once it was dry, he had asked permission to bring it inside)
laid his bag and hat upon it
 put his hands in his pockets
and lay down and went to sleep

and dreamed of the places he had been and all the wonders he had seen

bon nuit
see you when you awaken



1 comment: said...

oooh Marilyn, i'm just loving your sweet bunny "tails" !! so I need to ask you, do these stories pop into your head while You are sleeping??? xo awaiting the next bunny adventure....