Thursday, April 7, 2011

the visitor

so have you waited long enough?
are you wondering in your not so tiny
what is was that
fu fu saw in the
magic object
that can see far away things
up close

well let us tell you

fu fu saw
some  thing
an object of some sort
a strange and never before seen
by fu fu anyway
out there
near the
big pond

she called to the lady
and said in her tiny little bunny voice
come see this
what is it
can you tell me
there is some thing
an object of some sort
an item I have never spied before
 the lady picked little bunnie fu fu up and carried her outside
because there had been a big and very scary storm the night before
and the ground was wet and the wind was howling
and it was very scary for a few days old

(this is what fu fu saw
in the magic object


but this was all they found when they got to where fu had seen this strange thing
that she could not describe
how ever hard she tried

the lady tried to understand all the bunnie babble
and wasn't even sure that fu had actually seen
any thing at all
so they looked around and called
anyone there
hello....yoo hoo
a very tired sounding
little voice said
je suis ici

said fu
sometimes because she is still little she is at a loss for words

what was that

that was French
said the lady
there is a French
someone or other around here
who sounds very tired
and as they walked around the tree they were standing near
they met someone
neither of them had
seen before

even the lady

good morning said
fu fu
how do you do
and may I ask
who are you?

this tall  (ish) dark stranger
looked at both the bunnie and the lady
and said
with a very heavy French accent
Oh, 'ello laidees
bon jour to you both
mon nom
my name
Henri le 'are

I have come from across le pond tres grand
with some news of
my third cousin
twice removed...
it's a verrry long story
that I will tell you soon,
but please laidees
may I sit down and get myself togetherrr
for just un second
wherre may I parrk

your what asked fu
his boat said the lady

so they showed him where the bateau's are parked when strangers show up on the shoreline
in a big storm

and they invited him to sit on the big chair
where fu had sat her first day

they gave
Henri a chance to get himself together and tidy up a bit
because the poor
looked a little disheveled and worse for wear

and told him to come in when he was ready
and that is exactly what he did
he straightened himself up
all ship shape and fancy free
for he was a sailor of many world voyages
and he knew how to get himself together
toot sweet
and quickly too
and he came into the house
with his arms open wide
and said
"ello again
I am
Henri and I come with news of
my third cousin
 twice removed
and that is a story for next time


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eddunsmore said...

Well just like a soap opera, have to wait. I do have to say FuFu he his mighty handsome. Joe's cousin third removed.