Saturday, April 2, 2011

such a brave little bunnie

Little bunnie fu fu got some very bad news this afternoon
she heard that
would soon be leaving
his garden
and going on an adventure
 to fields afar

she stood in front of the machine that knows all
and with a stiff upper lip

got herself dressed
because it isn't prim or proper for JOE to see her in her
strangely made short knickers
and she bid him
bon voyage
even though she wasn't sure what that meant
but the lady said that's what you say when someone is leaving

with one final glance at her bun across the big pond
she asked if there  might be something that would make her feel better
so the lady took her to see the flowers

now it must be remembered that
little bunny fu fu
has never seen
and what a wonder they were
they were as big as her head
and she sniffed their fragrance
and wondered why they smelt like that
wondered why they were wearing boots
but she didn't like to ask

she spied a little tiny something
on one of the boots
and the lady told her it is called
a lady bug
or lady bird
depending which country you live in
she asked what
would call it
and was told
a lady bird
I hope he has one of his own
she whispered

and then quick as a wink she noticed that the other boot had
lady bird coloured flowers in it
and she thought that quite funny
and she also noticed they were the colour of her poppy
which she had left on the desk top
where the machine that knows all sits and hums
it  gave her an idea

the lady told you
she may be small
but she has a big imagination

does the machine that knows all
know how to make one of me
only littler
the lady told her
the machine knows it all
little bunny fu fu
ran back and climbed up on the desk top

were she imagined a white rabbit sitting on her lap
she asked to find the place where she could make her dream come true
and behind her 
up popped that which would show her how
and after a little of this
and a lot of that

there sat
her very own
hello JOE
said fu fu

how do you do
little Joe said
he was very well thank you
and how do you do
he thanked her for bringing him to her desk top
and showing him her cloud
from whence she came
and letting him have some of it
and fu fu said
you're welcome
for she is a very polite bunnie

will you stay
she asked

and little JOE
I will stay with you
fu fu
and we will sit here
with your poppy
and your
ever so much smaller cloud

and fu fu is very
very happy!!!!


eddunsmore said...

Oh so sad but with a good ending! Hope we have more adventures with FuFu and little Joe? Where is Joe going? I have been having so much fun reading these stories with Miss FuFu and Joe now we have little Joe! Great stories Marilyn!

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

Awwww... I almost had tears running down my face with joy & laughter. What a great story of FuFu & Joe. She is a sweety, just like the Lady :')

Anonymous said...

Joe has recovered a little from the emotional turmoil of last night, and sends his warmest regards to brave clever beautiful Fu. He congratulates her on having her very own BLOG! and asks (very politely ((for him!)) could you tell her that she is the most wonderful bunny in the world, (even if she is the ONLY bunny his young eyes have ever seen)!!!

Mrs Twins said...

What fun this blog is! Well done!
Hugs Suex

joe said...

Fi, If you get a chance in your hectic schedule hop over to Auntie Mia's Flickr account. I have taken it over while she is asleep and have left something there for you. Joe Xx

Alexandra Durão said...

Hello Fu Fu! :-)

Joan said...
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