Monday, April 4, 2011


when little bunnie fu fu got up on her third day of sitting on the desk top
she noticed that there was a big light shining
and she asked the lady what it was
she wondered if it was the same light that had been shining out of
when she saw him on the thing that shows all
the lady said no it wasn't the same light
it was called the sun
and fu fu asked
very politely
 if she may go and see it
and out she went
Oh she said
but it is trapped in that big plant over there
can I go and free it
and before the lady could say anything

fu fu was off
she found pretty little things to look at
and she likes to see things
up close and personal
does our fu
if you know what I mean
what's this she asked
a wild violet
answered the lady
I like those
said fu fu

and quick as a bunnie she was off again
this time to visit the neighbours
called fu fu
anyone there
and out flew a little blue bird
who said
good morning
how do you do
who are you
I'm fu fu
would you like to come and explore with me
yes said blue and he attached himself
to the front of her pretty yellow and green dress
and off they went
after a little sit down
I think you need to fix your house blue
said fu fu
well yes... I do...said blue
but you know what with the down turn in the economy and all
well it's hard.....
fu fu didn't understand that at all and it sounded very boring so

she suggested they start the exploring and ran off before blue could say anymore

around the corner fu saw a big yellow thing
that she seemed to know
it looked like her dress
that the lady had made her
when fu had appeared on the desk top
is this the
is this
I like those
those are soooooo
but she never finished her sentence for fu fu spied something else
it was big and wet and she could see the other side even though it seemed to be very very far away.....
what's that she asked
what's that

it's called a lake
said the lady
but it's really just
a big pond

fu fu stopped and stared
and the words
 big pond
rang in her head


and she asked
 in a very hushed little fu fu voice
is that where
across the

and up she went on an old rusty chain
to see if she could see
in his English garden
she called
are you there
and there was no answer
from the other side

so fu fu decided to see if anyone else knew the answer
 she climbed down from the old rusty chain
and went to ask
this very wise and old looking gentleman
excuse me
very wise and old looking gentleman
could you please tell me if
is over there on the other side of the big pond
and the
very wise and old looking gentleman
answered in a deep and raspy voice
and what big pond do you speak of child
I've been sat here for many a long year and I've neither heard of
or seen this big pond of which you speak

he frightened little bunnie fu fu quite a bit
so she asked blue if he knew
and blue said
 but let's go and see if those who live in the house on the tree know
so fu fu climbed up and asked
but no one seemed to be home
she whispered to herself so no one could hear her
hm mm
seems the down economy has hit here too
but she had bigger and more important
bunnie things to figure out
because how is a little tiny bunnie
supposed to fix anything
let alone
that which big men should know how to fix
and quickly by the looks of it...

so with her little fuzzy cloudy
bunnie sized brain full of questions
she lay down in the wild violets
with the big bright enough to blind you light shining down
on her
she took a little rest
and wishing she had brought
little joe with her
and her
poppy that was still on the desk top
she waited
for what she knew not



T's Daily Treasures said...

What a pretty little blog and so many wonderful adventures to be had in this great big world. Enjoy! :)

eddunsmore said...

She is determined to see Joe. You are just great at writing. Love all of FuFu's adventures.

joe said...

Dear FuFu.. First please let me say how absolutely overwhelmed and delighted I was with all your lovely comments, via your kind Lady. How kind of you both to take so much trouble.
Secondly, If you do manage to think up any ideas, I hope the cogs in your little cotton wool head work better than mine...
Thirdly,if you happen to see the front page of the Warren Street Journal, please don't worry. I am out of hospital, well on the mend, and should have the plaster off by Sunday.